Qarat Al Milh Petroleum LLC


Field Safety Day 2018

Qarat Al Milh management visited the field to lead the 2018 Safety Day held with the Qarat al Milh and its contractors on 1st May 2018.

The General Manager, Mr. Erhan Saygi and the Operations Manager, Mr. Steffen Christensen presented Safety Awards: the Best Safety Observation for March to the Ray supervisor and a Safety Shield to Ray International  for one year of operation without any injury to people. Both expressed special thanks to the Qarat al Milh field staff for keeping all persons safe. The management and contractors visited the OP1 and OP3 sites for inspection and conducted a Hazard Hunt at the early production facility led by the General Manager.

Beach Cleanup

Qarat Al Milh Petroleum’s Environmental Committee has launched it’s first activity of the year “Beach Cleanup”, with a collaboration with Be’ah and Environmental Society of Oman.

QAMP’s employees and management has participated in this event and made the event successful in Al Hail beach.

Qarat Al Milh Local Community Visit

Qarat Al Milh local community leaders Sheikh. Saif Al Darai, Abdullah Al Darai and Ibrahim Al Darai were received by QAMP senior management. QAMP GM expressed his gratitude for the visit while expressing the commitment of QAMP in contributing to the development of the local community.

QAMP GM also introduced the QAMP HSE vision of No Harm to People and No Harm to the Environment. He further stressed the importance of keeping the local community and environment free from any effect of our industrial activity while asking the local community’s support in achieving this.

QSF 3D a major seismic survey

As part of our commitment to the exploration program in QSF, Qarat al Milh Petroleum has just completed acquisition of an 1100 square kilometer, wide-azimuth, high resolution 3D seismic survey in the Ghaba/Miqrat area east of Qarn Alam.
A seismic survey is a geophysical imaging method akin to sounding the subsurface to identify and map hydrocarbon-bearing structures at depth. The QSF seismic program, which is being run by the BGP company with the cooperation of PDO, is currently one of the world’s largest land seismic operations. It involves almost 800 personnel and 240 field vehicles including 14 vibrator trucks (pictured). The amount of data obtained is on the order of several petabytes. The new data will help us find new hydrocarbon resources in this area.
The field program has been completed on 17th September 2017. The state-of-the-art data processing by CGG will take several more months.

Qarat Al Milh Petroleum celebrates completion of its first year of operation.

Qarat Al Milh Petroleum (QAMP) celebrated completion of its first year of operations, on 19th September 2017 at its office at Shatti Qurum.
The celebration was attended by the Executive Management of The Zubair Corporation and Management of ARA Petroleum.
Mr.Erhan Saygi (General Manager-QAMP) gave a brief presentation on the progress so far and future plans of QAMP.
Concluding his speech, he reiterated the efforts of the professional team at QAMP, which was committed to achieving further growth and productivity.