Qarat Al Milh Petroleum LLC


Annual Safety Day 2019

Celebrating ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production 2nd Annual Safety day which is participated by ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production staff and major stakeholders.  This year the celebration had an amazing record of a successful 2 years of safe operation. During the past 2 years we marked 1870 observations & interventions cards, 1225889 Km driven and safe manhour worked reached 619452 hours, with No harm to People, and No harm to the Environment. The event included awarding best observation cards certificates for the month of January, Seatbelt convincer, health checkup and Blood donation.

ARA Day 2019

QAMP staff participated in ARA second annual event. ARA day 2019 started by a presentation from our COO Mr. Ola Fjeld highlighting our growth and our future plans. The floor then was opened to Q&A and it was discussed positively with our CEO Eng. Sultan Al Ghaithi. B44 and ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production had shares of 2018 achievements addressed by Mr. Gary Duncan and Dr. Omar Al jaaidi.

Continuing our with our Safety culture with  No harm to People, No harm to the Environment,  Mr. Marco Kruit started his introduction to the HSE Mobile application after the official Inauguration video of Oman’s one of the First HSE mobile application in the industry. The team building session was a great collaborative work among the teams and the first activity had A CSR name on it, as the assembled toys which were in the activity were donated to Dar Al Atta.

Celebrating ISO 9001 2015, which is yet another astonishing achievement by ARA! Our Guest of Honor, Mr. Rashad Al Zubair have received our ISO 9001 certificate handed by Bureau Veritas officials. Followed by distributing the certificates to our ISO 9001 2015 internal Auditors. Stars of ARA 2018 had their moments just before the end of our ceremony, Mr. Rashad Al Zubair awarding our best performers of the year 2018 where ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production had four Stars of 2018, Jamal Al Balushi, Syed Habeeb, Abdullah Alnoumani and Saeed Almaskari.

H.E Mohammed Al Zubair and Board of Directors visits our office.

On a remarkable day for QAMP, H.E Mohammed Al Zubair and the Board of Directors have visited our office. We have presented our achievements and future business plans and then HE and our distinguished guests have taken a tour around the offices meeting our staff.

Construction of New Road

For a smooth daily operation with No harm to People, and No harm to the Environment, ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production Engineering have initiated the construction of a new road (20km) to Farah -SW Field. The new road is expected to save over half the duration spent currently from ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production office to Farah- SW as currently driving journey takes of 2 hours. The new link duration is expected to be within 45Min between the office and Farah -SW.

The route have been selected in accordance to avoid the disturbance to our local neighbors generating a smooth daily journey back and forth Farah -SW with high efficiency saving time and costs related maximizing the safety with Target zero attitude.

Our Trainees visits QAM

Geared up in our Safety colors, with No harm to People, and No harm to the Environment our trainees visited QAM as per the One year training program which was started early January 2019. The training program is designed to enhance the knowledge of the graduates within the discipline as well as providing site visits to boost their awareness of the program and to inject our safety culture.

Othman Almoqbali, Ammar Alnaamani and Muhanad Allawati were selected among many HCT graduates  to join this program which is funded by National Training Fund (NTF) and designed by National training institute (NTI) to join ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production as technician operators once the program is executed.

The program is one of many other initiatives by ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production to train and develop young Omani graduates.