Why Qarat Al Milh

ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production

Why Qarat Al Milh

The Zubair Corporation, being one of the largest business corporations in the region, have built their success on the strong culture and the values that was established over 50 years’ of history. As a part of the The Zubair Corporation group of companies ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production embraces the same culture and values and pledges to take it forward.

Our Culture

ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production  is a new and dynamic entrant to the exploration and production industry in the Sultanate of Oman.With the goal to become the “Employer of Choice” within the industry, we are actively recruiting employees to meet the needs of our new and growing organization. Our most valuable asset is our people, which create a dedicated culture of passion, excellence, and trust. Because of this, we think differently, unconventionally, and from a new perspective.

Diversity & Inclusion

At ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production, people come first. This means opportunities, challenges, appreciation, and recognition of the efforts of the individual. Our diverse team consists of highly motivated people who are collaborative and value-orientated. This allows us to learn from each other – from supportive, approachable leaders and colleagues with professional skills and years of experience. Our people come from various backgrounds that bring unique talents and intelligent perspectives to our organization.

Furthermore, we support empowerment and advancement of women in the workplace. Our model for success is for all employees, regardless of their gender or ethnicity. This is why we search for exceptional people to join us. People who are inquisitive, adventurous, and ambitious to drive our organization forward.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand the impact businesses have on their stakeholders, communities, and the environment. We are dedicated to ensuring our operations are to the highest quality standards in order to minimize environmental impact while ensuring maximum economic benefit.

At ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production, we take responsibility for the future of our company and the environment we operate in, which is why we hire outstanding people, live by our deeply-rooted values of our parent company, and ensure that everything we do is done with integrity.