Vision, Mission & Values

ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production

Vision, Mission & Values

ARA Petroleum E & P Vision: To be the most efficient Omani private sector energy company.

ARA Petroleum E & P Mission:To explore and find hydrocarbon energy resources and to extract the maximum value out of the discovered reservoirs in the most safe, efficient and economical manner with minimal impact to the environment.

ARA Petroleum E & P Values:

  • Integrity and business conduct: We are committed to conducting our business while adopting universally accepted international business standards and practices. Our strict adherence to highest standards of moral and ethical values, integrity, and transparency comes before anything we do in conducting business.
  • People: Our people are safe and we know it. Protecting the environment as well as the wellbeing of our employees, our contractors, and the people we touch is a key principle.
  • Technology: We constantly explore proven new methods and technologies in bringing efficiency and maximizing value to our business.
  • Excellence: Through our commitment to excellence we will achieve our targets. Excellence comes as a result of being determined to continuously improve.
  • Collaboration: We draw value from diversity and deliver exceptional results through teamwork within our company, with our customers, and our contractors.