Chairman’s Message

ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production

Chairman’s Message

The Oil and Gas Industry has been the foundation of Oman’s modern economic growth over five decades since the ascension of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said to the throne in 1970. The Zubair Corporation has been involved in the Oil and Gas sector for more than forty years mainly through the service sector. The Zubair Corporation’s commitment to the Oil and Gas sector took an important and strategic turn into the world of exploration and production of oil and gas with the inception of ARA Petroleum in 2015.

The ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production Small Fields Service Agreement is the result of years of preparation and endeavor and is a corner stone of Ara Petroleum’s worldwide activities.

We are proud to be working in partnership with our client PDO in developing this small field cluster which extends to an area of 5700 km2. The QSF Contract demands safe, efficient and cost effective operations. In the current economic environment, these are the key components to ensure success especially in the O&G sector. ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production is well armed, motivated and committed to deliver on these commitments and make a large contribution to the economy of Oman.

Rashad M Al Zubair
Chairman – The Zubair Corporation